Watermaid – EcoBlend® Chlorinator

Watermaid – EcoBlend® Chlorinator

  • Reverse-polarity, self-cleaning technology
  • Boost / super-chlorinate feature
  • Pump run-dry protection
  • Safety filter backwash feature
  • Salt & minerals compatible
  • Low salt / minerals operation
  • 4 models to suit all sizes of domestic pools
  • 100% Australian-owned & operated


The EcoBlend® Chlorinator

The EcoBlend® Chlorinator is an all in one salt and mineral blend compatible chlorinator. Packed with useful features, the EcoBlend® Chlorinator is built for performance and reliability by one of Australia’s most reputable manufacturers, Watermaid®.



The EcoBlend® chlorinator uses the most up to date self-cleaning technology known as ‘reverse polarity’. The factory-set cell reversals shed off any calcium build up to ensure minimal maintenance.


To suit your chlorination needs, the EcoBlend® chlorinator can be operated in summer, winter or spa mode.

Salt and Minerals Compatible

The EcoBlend® chlorinator is compatible with traditional salt, mineral salt blends, magnesium chloride blends, and any other commercially available salt blend.

For Ultra Low Salt – please refer to the EcoBlend® RP-13 model.

Pump Run Dry Protection

This useful feature is designed to help prevent accidental pump damage by automatically cutting power to the pump if the water flow is compromised.

Product Brochure

Product specs

EcoBlend Salinity (Salt/Minerals) Output Capacity (Mild/Temperate) Capacity (Tropical)
RP7 3,000~4,000 ppm 25gm/hr 100,000 L 50,000 L
RP9 3,000~4,000 ppm 30gm/hr 120,000 L 75,000 L
RP11 3,000~4,000 ppm 42gm/hr 160,000 L 100,000 L
RP13 (ultra low salt) 1,000~2,000 ppm 30gm/hr 100,000 L 50,000 L

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