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VIPool & Spa began its story many, many years ago as a family run business in Brazil.

As a kid, Tedi worked with his dad during school holidays and learned the trade of building and servicing swimming pools and spas.

In 2000, Tedi was getting itchy feet and looking for adventure. Arriving in Sydney, he spent a year travelling, learning and making new friends around Australia and ended up falling in love with this beautiful country. Tedi had to go home but the memories of his adventure stayed with him as he got back to work in the family business.

Even though the Brazilian business was thriving, Tedi’s new dream was to settle down and make a new life – a new home – in Sydney. As fate would have it, the opportunity to return to Australia came at the end of 2008 and Tedi didn’t hesitate.

After gaining on the job experience and acquiring the qualifications needed for the Aussie way of doing things, Tedi created a business plan and VIPool & Spa was founded in 2011.

Tedi Ecker is a fully qualified pool and spa technician with many years of friendly, dependable pool service experience.

 VIPool & Spa is dedicated to the best quality services and advice.

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