Terms & Conditions

  • Pool and Spa services include but are not limited to: vacuum, brush the walls/tiles, scoop leaves, water chemistry balance, backwash/ rinse the filter, empty skimmer basket, empty cleaner basket, check chlorinator operation and clean when necessary and general equipment check to ensure optimal performance. 
  • Time spent at each visit may vary due to pool/spa needs and conditions. 
  • VIPool and Spa Pty Ltd Is not responsible for Algae due to: weather, overheating, low water level, excessive use, pre-existing conditions, equipment failure or refusal to maintain equipment. After a heavy storm, it may take two consecutive visits to normalize a pool’s chemistry. 
  • If a pool consistently turns green due to the customer turning off equipment or not maintaining equipment, improper use of chemicals, labour will be charged to normalize the pool/spa chemistry. 
  • Vac plates, Electricity and Water are to be supplied by the customer at their own cost. 
  • VIPool and Spa Pty Ltd will use the Customer’s own chemicals if provided or they can be supplied by VIPool and Spa Pty Ltd at an additional cost. 
  • Should any problem be discovered during a visit, the system may be turned off and the customer notified immediately. 
  • VIPool and Spa Pty Ltd require your dog to be removed from the pool area on scheduled service days due to occupational health and safety. 
  • When leaving the property we will ensure the gate is closed and pool area is safe. 
  • VIPool and Spa Pty Ltd employees will not jump fences to service pools/spas for safety reasons. If the site is inaccessible for any reason, VIPool and Spa Pty Ltd will contact the Customer and reschedule the service and a fee will be charged. 
  • VIPool and Spa Pty Ltd is not liable for any pool/spa accidents. This includes but is not limited to: diving injuries; slide injuries; drowning; slip and fall injuries. 
  • VIPool and Spa Pty Ltd will not be held liable for floods; drainage problems; fire; chemical damage; not caused by VIPool and Spa Pty Ltd employees or contractors. 
  • Will make every effort to service your pool on the same day or days as scheduled but in the event VIPool and Spa Pty Ltd is not able to service your pool/spa on that day then you will be notified with as much notice as possible. 
  • Whilst every precaution will be exercised by VIPool and Spa Pty Ltd to prevent any damage to property during a service attendance, VIPool and Spa Pty Ltd will not be liable for any loss or damage, either to property or person, caused by any pre existing defect of which VIPool and Spa Pty Ltd has not been made aware of by the property owner or occupier. 
  • Maintenance Services performed VIPool and Spa Pty Ltd shall continue until terminated by the Customer providing VIPool and Spa Pty Ltd with 4 weeks of written notification. 
  • Payment terms are 7 days post date of invoice. Should three invoices remain outstanding, VIPool and Spa Pty Ltd reserves the right to not service the pool as agreed until accounts are settled. Unless special agreement is in place. 
  • Any goods delivered remain the property of VIPool and Spa Pty Ltd until full payment has been received. 
  • VIPool and Spa Pty Ltd has the rights to make changes to these terms and conditions anytime and without prior notification. Please visit our website for the latest updates.