AstralPool – Halo Lite 2 & 4

AstralPool – Halo Lite 2 & 4

  • Easy to use Bluetooth light controller
  • Controls Single or Multi-colour lights
  • Easy retrofit to existing pool lights (no electrician required)
  • Will operate across different light brands*

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Bluetooth Light Controller For Single or Multi-Colour Lights

When it comes to lighting your pool, your lights are only half of the equation, choosing the right light controller is just as important. The new Halo Lite controllers use bluetooth connectivity, so control is in your hands right from your smart phone.


Built in Timers

Set the desired time you want your lights to activate each day via the app.

Multi Brand Operation

Will work with AstralPool SX/FLX, Zodiac Lumipower or Spa Electrics. Allowing the various colour sequences to work seamlessly.


Attaching your new Halo Lite to your existing pool lights is easy as, just plug it in and connect your low voltage light cable (connectors provided). No Electrician required.

Built in Transformers

No need for a light transformer, the Halo Lite is an all in one design. Keeps costs as low as possible.


Connect as many Halo Lite’s as you want to your app and control all your backyard lighting not just your pool lights, such as backyard and other low voltage feature lights (check the specs for details).

Product Brochure

Product specs

Model No. Halo Lite 2 Halo Lite 4
Light 2 4
Light Brand Compatibility (Single) Any (See power specifications below) Any (See power specifications below)
Light Brand Compatibility AstralPool SLX/FLX, Zodiac, Spa Electrics AstralPool SLX/FLX, Zodiac, Spa Electrics
Max Current output 1.3 Amps per light 1.3 Amps per light
Voltage Output 12 Volts AC 12 Volts AC
Operating System Requirements Android devices require iOS 8 or higher, Apple devices require iOS 8 or higher Android devices require iOS 8 or higher, Apple devices require iOS 8 or higher

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