Top Benefits of Using a Polaris Cleaner for Your Pool

Polaris Cleaner

Keeping your pool clean can be a challenge, but a Polaris Cleaner makes it much easier. This article will explore the benefits of using a Polaris Cleaner and how an Astralpool chlorinator can help maintain your pool. 

What is a Polaris Cleaner?

A Polaris Cleaner is a type of automatic pool cleaner that helps keep your pool spotless. It works by moving around the pool and vacuuming up debris, making pool maintenance much simpler.

Effortless Cleaning with a Polaris:

For decades, Polaris has been a trusted name in automatic pool cleaners. They offer a variety of models to tackle any pool, from simple rectangles to complex, multi-level designs. Here’s how a Polaris can transform your pool care routine:

  • No More Manual Labor: Forget the backbreaking work of skimming, brushing, and vacuuming. A Polaris tirelessly roams your pool, removing dirt, debris, and algae before they have a chance to settle and cause problems. This frees up your time to relax and enjoy your pool with friends and family.
  • Superior Cleaning Performance: Polaris offers two main types of cleaners: pressure-side and robotic. Pressure-side cleaners leverage your pool’s existing filtration system for powerful suction, tackling even the toughest debris. Robotic cleaners, on the other hand, are self-contained units that navigate your pool with advanced technology, ensuring a thorough clean of the floor, walls, and waterline.
  • A Perfect Fit for Any Pool: No matter the size, shape, or material of your pool, there’s a Polaris that’s a perfect match. Pressure-side cleaners are ideal for most in-ground pools, while robotic cleaners offer superior manoeuvrability for both simple and intricate designs.

Maintaining Crystal Clarity with AstralPool Chlorinators:

A clean pool is a healthy pool, but keeping it free of bacteria and algae requires proper sanitation. This is where AstralPool chlorinators come in. VIPool&Spa offers a wide selection of AstralPool chlorinators to complement your Polaris cleaner and keep your pool sparkling and healthy all season long.

  • Reliable and Efficient Sanitation: AstralPool chlorinators are a dependable and efficient way to generate chlorine, the essential element for keeping your pool water clean and safe. They offer a variety of features, including easy-to-use controls and self-cleaning technology, for a hassle-free experience.
  • Balanced Water Chemistry: By maintaining consistent chlorine levels, an AstralPool chlorinator helps keep your pool’s water chemistry balanced. 

The Perfect Pool Care Duo:

A Polaris cleaner and an AstralPool chlorinator work together seamlessly to create a dream pool experience. Here’s how this winning combination benefits you:

  • More Time for Fun: Spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your pool. The Polaris handles the cleaning, and the AstralPool chlorinator ensures proper sanitation, giving you back precious time to relax and create memories with loved ones.
  • A Sparkling Oasis, Year-Round: With a Polaris and AstralPool working together, your pool will maintain its crystal-clear beauty all season long. Imagine taking a refreshing dip on a hot summer day, knowing your pool is clean, healthy, and inviting.
  • Peace of Mind: Relax and enjoy the tranquillity of your pool oasis. Knowing your pool is being cleaned and sanitised automatically gives you peace of mind.


A Polaris Cleaner offers many benefits, from easy use and time savings to efficient cleaning and durability. Pairing it with an Astralpool chlorinator can make pool maintenance even simpler by ensuring clean, balanced water. Together, these tools can help you enjoy a sparkling clean pool with minimal effort.

Visit VIPool&Spa today. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you choose the perfect Polaris cleaner and AstralPool chlorinator for your specific needs and pool size. With this winning combination, you can say goodbye to endless cleaning chores and hello to a summer of endless poolside fun!

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