Spa Cover

Spa Cover

  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Prevent evaporation
  • Maintain chemical balance
  • Keep it safe
  • Strong and Durable


Spa covers are subject to harsh chemicals, water, heat, dirt and people. Therefore, a high quality spa cover is essential.

There are three different options to choose from, with the major difference being how much weight each cover can hold.

  • Spa Cover – 25kg static load bearing capacity
  • Cover Superior – 75kg static load bearing capacity
  • Cover Superior Plus – 125kg static load bearing capacity


Maximum energy efficiency

The biggest expense of a hot tub is the electricity it takes to keep the water heated properly. An uncovered (or poorly covered) tub is going to use a lot of unnecessary energy trying to keep the water hot.

Prevent evaporation & Maintain chemical balance

Hot tub covers dramatically reduce evaporation and water waste. Covers are a minimal expense compared to what you’ll pay replenishing water and chemicals that evaporate.

Keep it safe

Your hot tub might be small in comparison to a pool, but it’s still an open body of water. Hot tubs pose a drowning hazard to children and pets.

Strong and Durable

Internal reinforcement and attention to detail. These spa covers are re-in-forced in every strap, handle and corner, from the inside where you can’t see it

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