Solar Pool Blanket/Cover

Solar Pool Blanket/Cover

The most popular and easy to use is the Solar Pool Cover

  • Heat your water with the sun
  • Stop evaporation
  • Insulate and save heat loss
  • Ideal for outdoor pools

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Solar Pool Blanket/ Cover

These are bubble-style covers that let the sun heat your pool water by up to 8ºC and retain heat by insulating your pool overnight. The natural heating and insulating saves you energy while also stopping evaporation. These covers are perfect to use on all pools, especially when the sun hits the cover, helping you gain maximum benefits.


Benefits of a Solar Pool Cover

Daisy solar pool covers are a popular choice for pool owners because of their insulation properties which help to prevent heat from escaping and can actually raise the temperature of a pool. Daisy solar pool covers remain Australia’s favourite thanks to their innovative design which prevents up to 99% of the evaporation in your pool.

Stop evaporation and save on water. Reduces evaporation by 99%, that can save up to 10,000L per month.

Save on chemicals. Reduce salt and chemical use by up to 50%.

Save money. Higher quality. Better design. Lasts longer.

Save on cleaning. Helps keep out dirt and leaves.

Save on heat costs. Reduce heat loss and warms your pool by up to 8C using the sun heat.

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