How to Maximise Your Pool’s Potential with Viron EQ25 Chlorinator

viron eq25 chlorinator

Owning a pool is a luxury that comes with its set of responsibilities, mainly keeping the water clean, safe, and inviting. The Viron EQ25 Chlorinator steps in as a game-changer, redefining pool maintenance with its advanced features and user-friendly interface. Designed for those who value both efficiency and quality, this chlorinator is your go-to solution for keeping your pool in pristine condition with minimal effort.

1. Effortless Control and Superior Performance

Smart Pool Management

The cornerstone of the Viron eQuilibrium Chlorinator is its intelligent AI mode. This feature automates the ideal aspects of pool care, including sanitizer levels and pH balance, while managing your pool pump for optimal energy usage. What sets it apart is its ability to adapt to your pool’s unique needs, guaranteeing a consistently safe and sparkling pool with reduced need for manual intervention.

Seamless Bluetooth Connectivity at Your Fingertips

With the ChlorinatorGo Bluetooth® App, taking control of your pool’s maintenance has never been easier. This innovative app allows you to monitor your water balance, control settings manually or automatically, and schedule maintenance tasks right from your smartphone. Compatibility with AstralPool pumps and lights further enhances your pool experience, making it as convenient as it is enjoyable.

2. Customised Care for Every Pool

Choose Your Level of Control

The Viron eQuilibrium Chlorinator comes in three variations, each designed to meet different pool maintenance needs:

  • Viron eQuilibrium Salt Chlorinator: The standard model for effective salt chlorination.
  • Viron eQuilibrium 2: Includes pH balance control for those looking to automate more of their pool maintenance.
  • Viron eQuilibrium 3: Offers complete pH balance and chlorine management for the ultimate in pool water care.

Each model incorporates the eQuilibrium Ai Mode, making sure your pool receives comprehensive care tailored to its specific requirements.

Maximise Effectiveness with the Viron EQ25 Chlorinator

To get the most out of your Viron EQ25 Chlorinator, here are some key tips and best practices:

Regular Monitoring and Adjustments

While the system automates much of the pool maintenance, regular checks are still advisable. Use the ChlorinatorGo app to keep an eye on your water balance and make adjustments as needed. This proactive approach can help prevent imbalances before they become problematic.

Utilise the AI Mode

The AI mode is your best tool for maintaining optimal pool conditions with minimal input. By allowing the system to monitor and adjust the sanitiser level and pH balance automatically, you can enjoy a well-maintained pool without constant manual testing and adjustments.

Take Advantage of Bluetooth® Control

The convenience of controlling your pool settings via Bluetooth cannot be overstated. It not only simplifies the process of adjusting your pool’s maintenance settings but also provides a seamless way to integrate your pool’s care routine into your daily life.

Choose the Right Model for Your Pool

Selecting the appropriate model of the Viron eQuilibrium Chlorinator for your pool is most important. Consider factors such as the size of your pool, the typical usage patterns, and your specific maintenance preferences when deciding between the standard, pH balance, or complete pH and chlorine management models.

The Future of Pool Maintenance

The AstralPool Viron eQuilibrium Chlorinator ushers in a new era of pool maintenance, where convenience, efficiency, and advanced technology meet. It represents a significant leap forward in the way pool owners approach the care of their pools, offering a solution that is not only affordable and easy to use but also highly effective in maintaining water quality.


By choosing the Viron EQ25 Chlorinator, you’re not just selecting a tool for pool maintenance; you’re choosing a comprehensive system designed to keep your pool in top condition with minimal effort on your part. It’s an investment in the health and enjoyment of your pool, so it remains a source of pleasure and relaxation for you and your family for years to come.

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